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Title: THE NUN!

Genre: Horror


    The meaning of NUN, The scary nun story is a popular trope in horror fiction and urban legends. It often involves a malevolent nun haunting a convent, school, or hospital. These stories are typically characterized by eerie settings, chilling encounters, and supernatural elements. While the specifics of scary nun stories can vary, they often tap into deep-seated fears of the unknown and the religious symbolism associated with nuns. Here’s an exploration of the origins and themes commonly found in scary nun stories. Last summer Me and my brother were teenagers We had a job at the mall our job was simple and the job was paying us well, one night I got home early due to nobody coming at the mall so that I could help them as a assistant I ate dinner ate I was headed to bed Next morning I see my brother doing chores it was only me and my brother at a time our parent would get in a lot of fight and they got divorce and I was 19 to keep me and my brother outside of foster care then I woke up grab my morning coffee and head to work by brother was off that day so he watch home all day I finish my shift early again and headed home as I was driving then a psycho jumped in front of my car just trying to get hurt as I rushed home there I saw a scary NUN with her hair down and holding a cross in front of my porch I rushed home to tell my brother about this but then my brother was nowhere to be found? Stay tune for part 2.

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